Total body fat loss
 sculpting stubborn areas
It's like Nothing you've ever seen before!

Works with any Diet and fitness plan OR none at all
Sculpting without Downtime
Total Body Fat Loss
Cryotherapy with organic herbal masks stimulate brown fat activation to stimulate metabolism to burn stubborn fat
Manual work to target fat loss and sculpting desired shape
Smoother skin
Edge on your goals
Instant gratification
Immediate results 
Works with any dietary or fitness plan
❄️How does it work? 
PureSculpt is applied frozen on the body, activating a natural process in the body called Thermogenesis, the creation of heat within the body. We use our frozen concoction to help reduce body temperature, this activates Thermogenesis by burning calories. 
❄️What happens after a treatment? 
After PureSculpt is performed, clients feel invigorated and cold at the same time. The body will naturally start raising its body temperature to its regular state by burning calories. The more calories are burned the better it is. 
❄️What other Benefits does PureSculpt®️ have? 
This treatment allows for activation of the lymphatic system, creates better blood flow, helps with bowel movements, draws out impurities, nourishes the skin with all the anti inflammatory herbs, gently exfoliates skin, allows for better sleep. 

It helps target specific areas that you can’t lose with exercise or diet, non invasive, organic, fast recovery, helps with mood, and best of all it gives energy 

 Purchase a Package of 3 Sessions for $25

Includes Body Sculpting Massage with each session!

Cellulite Improving Ice and Facial Uplifting Treatments can be added to any session

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